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The year 2015 is and the years to come will be very different from the perspective of education, job market and career development. These three factors are going to change for good.

2030 is just 15 years away, which means 1.5 decade is what we have to prove to the world that India is not just the Youngest Population Country by numbers, but also is the most qualified, trained, skilled and employable country.


Considering that so much is in store for the years to come, it is therefore important to have the resolutions of the year 2015 and the years to come by the students, different and special.

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Looking at the age old trend of engineers taking up MBA as their post graduation and passing the entrance tests with more than 99 percentile, I cannot hold back myself to term this trend as a trend of ‘wrong career decision’ and therefore would also like to bluntly term it further as ‘idiotic’.

Imagine, 1000 students taking such wrong career decision… These 1000 students have made a loss to 2000 students who could not get a seat in either engineering degree college or MBA degree institute. Also count the monetary, time and energy loss made by these 1000 students.

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The state of fresh graduates in India is worrisome to a great extent. Looking at the employable skills of the fresh graduates, it clearly indicates that there are a lot of mistakes which these graduating students commit knowingly or unknowingly.

It is observed that students lack awareness of what the industry demands and to some extent the education system and institutions are to be blamed for this.

We would list out some top mistakes fresh graduates or graduating students make in the career. 

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