Career Planning & Development is something which is the most closest to us at Discovering Careers. DC Clinic is a sub-brand of Discovering Careers. We, at Discovering Careers, would like to partner with students and professionals and become their ‘Friend’ on whom they can rely and trust for all their career related queries, doubts and concerns. We do not believe in just advising you, but in walking with you with our hand of support and help you in every career stage to make your career a successful journey.

‘SKILLS’ is the only important and the most critical aspect in one’s career growth and development. It is ‘skills’ that will make or break a person’s career. At DC Clinic, we focus on building your ‘skills’ and ‘competencies’.

Discovering Career Test ( DCT )

‘Emotional Backing’ more likely to get you success in career…

Choosing a career path and later getting success in that chosen career has always been linked to the “Intelligence Quotient (IQ)” of a candidate and has attained importance over the years. More high the IQ, more is a person successful – has been the thought trend among students and parents. (In our experience we have seen students crying and parents depressed just because the IQ Test result was not good as expected… this is dangerous!)

BUT, IQ alone does not work, but the hidden part here which goes unnoticed; unrecognised and actually contributes tremendously to the success in career or life is the “Emotional Quotient (EQ)”. If EQ gets combined with IQ, it can work wonders for a person.

If we have to differentiate between Intelligence power and Emotional power here, then we would say, “if the ability to remember, recollect, reproduce a particular thing or thought is a part of intelligence power; then liking, interest, passion, curiosity, eagerness, seriousness, sincerity towards that particular thing or thought is a part of emotional power”. Intelligence Quotient measures an individual’s intellectual / mental capability where as Emotional Quotient measures an individual’s emotional connect (liking, interest, passion, sincerity, seriousness) to a thing or thought or path.

For being successful, getting emotionally connected to that particular chosen field is very important. According to me the contribution of EQ and IQ in a person’s success (career and life) is in the proportion of 80:20.

“Being trained means having the requisite IQ, but being educated means having the requisite EQ”.

Your brain may be ready, but is your heart also ready to choose a particular course, profession? - is the question all students and parents should ask!


is a uniquely designed counselling test by Dr. Anand which tries to dig into a students’ inner self and make him / her realise the true potential and emotional inclination giving due importance to the mental aptitude. DCT is aimed at knowing the real ‘skills’, ‘competencies’ through which one can achieve ‘excellence’. DCT is not a typical paper pen or computer based test, but is a friendly and open discussion with the career counsellor guided by psychometric parameters. We also conduct typical psychometric tests in addition if required.

We are proud that many career aspirants have been successful through this unique counselling Test called as ‘Discovering Careers Test (DCT)’ designed by Discovering Careers.

DCT ensures that the ‘real’ and ‘emotional’ side of the career aspirant is considered than just giving undue importance to IQ score.

Career Consulting

  • Choosing a career option from thousands available has become a difficult and a confusing task for students and their parents and professionals. A wrong choice or decision to choose a career or course will make a person land in trouble for life long. At Discovering Careers, we try to dig deep into a candidates’ inner self and advice him / her. In career consulting, we act as a friend rather than a typical advisor or counsellor and make career consulting an enjoyable and open affair. We can offer career consulting to students, parents and professionals, through email, phone and or in person discussion.

College Admissions guidance

  • With hundreds of colleges, institutions and universities across India, it is difficult to decide for students and parents the right choice. Through our assessment and surveys, we can help students and parents identify, select colleges / universities for admissions of under graduate, post graduate courses.

Resume / CV Preparation & Review

  • A job seekers first tool to get an entry to the interview table of a company is his / her Resume / Curriculum Vitae. A Resume / CV need to make the first impression very good in the mind of the employer and generally HRDs invest just 20 seconds to gauge at a Resume / CV. So considering this, it becomes very vital for job seekers to have their Resume / CV in proper order, design and structure, which is industry latest. We have the expertise to draft your Resume / CV in a matter which makes that first impression very good. Our Resume / CV drafters are experienced and know the current industry trend and are from human resource departments. We also can review your current Resume / CV and suggest you any improvements or enhancements in it.

Career Planning & Development

  • Career Planning is a critical aspect which is neglected by majority of the students and not done at a right time. Career Planning includes aspects like knowing yourself and your capabilities, deciding on a career stream, taking steps for completing the career, building skills and knowledge, enhancing knowledge and skills & competencies through learning & unlearning, gaining career success in the journey of life. We can build you ‘employability’ by helping you in imbibing the ‘employable skills and competencies’. We can help in your career planning and development right by being with you as a ‘Friend’ from start to end. We can teach you, advice you, mentor you and most importantly be with you as your ‘friend in need’. No matter at what career stage you are, we would be there for you.

Facing B-School and Job Interviews

  • Interviews are a critical and final step / stage, may it be at B-School entry level or a job entry level or promotion level. Though you might have all the required educational qualifications, domain knowledge and other eligibility, but there are still some other aspects which an interviewer wants to know, check and confirm. We help students and job seekers to know what exactly it takes to crack the interviews. For a B-School interview, we can help in making the student confident and give tips and training to crack the interview. For job seekers, we can similar help them further by taking their mock interviews, if required, to give them a feel of the real interview. We have experts who have been taking interviews for years in B-Schools and companies.

Personal Branding (offline and online)

  • Today, a person who is looking for employment is also comes in the category of a ‘sellable product’. As HR experts say, for getting a good job you need to make yourself ‘sellable’. Making oneself saleable means to present oneself to the employer as a ‘resource’ which can be best suited to it for its growth. More the sellable you are, more the chances of getting a job. To be precise, being sellable means to present ‘qualitatively’. ‘Branding yourself’ is the need of the time. Creating a brand of ‘yourself’ can work wonders for your career growth & social identity. Personal brand or self branding is a tool to achieve the required status and distinct identity in your professional life. Creating a Brand ‘You’ means to create your own ‘qualitative image’. We can help you in creating your ‘Brand’ which is offline and online. Offline means on the aspects of attire, appearance, personality, etiquettes, communication, language, attitude, confidence. Online means on the aspects of social media profile etiquettes, online networking norms, online image building, etc.

Personality Development

  • ‘Personality’ of a person can make a huge difference in the job market. We can help you identify your personality’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We can help in improving, enhancing and developing your personality in order to make you a distinct identity.

Guidance for preparation of Statement of Purpose (SoP) and Profile for International MBA aspirants

  • We offer the service of preparation of Statement of Purpose (SoP) and profiling for international MBA degree aspirants. Our experts are there to guide you and clinch that coveted international B-School seat.

Career awareness seminars / lectures

  • We conduct career awareness seminars, lectures in schools & colleges and spread a word about new career avenues, job market situation, industry needs, skill building, etc.