Sandhya Phanse,
Equity Research Analyst, Mumbai

As an education consultant, Dr. Anand’s advice enables a person to boost his / her career. He explains the entire concept in very simple & understandable way.

Pallavi Joshi,
Accounts Officer, Mumbai

I must say that as an education consultant, Dr. Anand is the best person to ask for guidance. He is academically very strong. His communication skills are excellent. He is always ready to solve even the smallest doubt raised by a student. Dr. Anand is always ready to share and appreciate others views. He is a patient listener and a focused professional.

Shreya Choudhury,
Entrepreneur, Kolkata

As an Education consultant, Dr. Anand came across as a very helpful and dedicated person, who is well informed of the current happenings in the industry. His knowledge base is extremely impressive and the best part is, he loves sharing it with his peers. Dr. Anand is a great teacher, who is very responsive to queries and whose opinions I really value. One thing I have learnt from him is to learn continuously in life.

Prem Agarwal
Financial Analyst, Pune

I had been associated with Dr. Anand Sir as his student. Sir's ability to understand the need of every student in academics and personal is admirable. He is a perfectionist and is an approachable leader. He has clear thoughts and his tact of striking a perfect balance in personal and professional life is worth learning. As my mentor he had helped me to understand the importance of prioritization, self motivation and goal setting. He is a super achiever who has continuously set "live and personal" examples for me and motivated me to build on my strengths. It was my pleasure to be under his mentor-ship and I am sure he will continue to be a torch light to many other students who seek to excel professionally.

CA. Sujata Bogawat,
Entrepreneur, Pune

Dr. Anand always has the ultimate "can do" attitude with a positive energy and a smile. He shows a genuine interest in the well being of students and faculty and a wonderful motivator for all. I hold Dr. Anand in high regard and am sure his students and fellow colleagues do too.

Dipeeka Saboo,
Marketing Strategist, Delhi

Dr. Anand is a very sincere and helpful person, with his ambitions held high, he has striven for his career development to what he is today. 

Soham Natu,
Hotel industry professional, India & Dubai

Dr. Anand advised me regarding my career growth when I was looking to settle back in India after working quite a good amount of years in Dubai and Maldives. He gave me the required confidence and made things sound very encouraging and easy. I must say that as an education consultant, he is the best person to ask for guidance. I am in awe of his writing skills and amazed to read his articles and it is good to see his name on the web pages of many websites globally.

Nitin Mhatre,

10th std. student, Thane

"I am a student of WEES School, Thane. I am very happy after hearing Dr. Anand's speech and now I can clearly see my future of being an IAS officer in front of my eyes".

Gurudatta Wagh,

Parent of an MBA aspirant, Pune

“I bought the ‘InfoGuide to MBA Entrance’ ebook and read it. The title of the book justifies the content. The info-guide is useful to MBA aspirants. The efforts of Dr. Anand are worth appreciating and wish him more such books that will benefit the student community”.

Prasad Joshi, 


I think the eBook InfoGuide to MBA Entrance should be used by every MBA student to get best guidelines for entrance exam. Thank you, Anand Sir for providing useful source of information.

G.M. Rama Rao, FCS, FCA;

Former CEO of Andhra Petrochemicals & J.K.Pharmachem, Vishakapatnam

Dr. Anand's article “Intelligence, Emotion Critical for Success” in January 2015 issue of Indian Management (Business Standard) is an excellent article not postulating but giving the right tips to choose an education course, instead of vying for marks in examinations. His postulates are practical that I had applied without knowing them but with the difference that I used them in my employments so much so, I could master the processes and engineering by following “emotional quotient” and achieved success in all the jobs I handled during my tenure from board level to CEO.